Early Bird Music is the creation of  Fiona Kelleher a mother of three children, a singer, early years musician and composer of music for very young children.

Early Bird Music is a company that strives to create musical experiences of the highest quality for our youngest. The music is designed and produced to help create soothing and calming environments for baby and parents , to easily lull children to sleep and to transport parents and children to a realm of calm and peace in times of stress and anxiety.

Music has the power to enhance connection between parents and babies.It provides a rich source of play and creativity for parents who wish to deepen their connection with their young children..

“You helped me to connect deeper to my baby today and to see my life and hers more broadly” Elizabeth Davis, USA

I Am a Little Boat is a unique collection of songs written especially for the youngest, inspired by Fiona’s own children and many other children in the Early Years work and performances she engages in.

Fiona’s work as an early years musician includes a wide variety of artistic experiences and projects. She collaborates regularly with other musicians and artists to create joyful artistic experiences for children and parents.

Here are some of the great and innovative organisations that Fiona works with in Ireland.

Music Generation

The Ark Cultural Centre for Children

Graffiti Theatre in Education Company