The benefits of music for children in their early years is widely acknowledged. Research continues to affirm this view. Music has the power to enhance our experience of life bringing joy and a sense of happiness. Music has the power to calm and comfort. The songs and lullabies on I am a little Boat are created with this in mind.

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As a mother to three children I discovered that music is an essential tool for comfort and calm. Music provides me with comfort and joy: I love to share my love of music with my children.Parents, babies and older children all benefit from the power of music.. I am a little Boat is the perfect solution for parents and carers who want to use music as a way to comfort children and as a way to share musical experiences that are joyful and affirming.

I am a little Boat songbook and CD features beautiful artwork by Inge Van Doorslaer and is available as a songbook and CD perfect for the car, nursery , for bedtime and anytime. It is the perfect gift for new parents, a new baby or a young child.. a gift that will be cherished.

Also available to download.

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